Bloganuary 2023

  • Bloganuary Kick Off

  • How Are You Brave?

  • A Cherished Memory

    Today’s prompt for Bloganuary is “What is the earliest memory you have?”. Hmm…..I am not entirely sure if this would be my most earliest memory but it is one I very much cherish.

    When I was about three or four years old, my parents bought me a little children’s desk. Although I am not 100% sure if I am remembering it correctly, I believe the desk was red and white with a seat attached to it. I also remember being able to lift the top of the desk like it was a lid to where I could store my colouring books and crayons but again, it was so long ago and I am not sure if I am truly remembering the desk correctly.

    What I do remember for sure though, and this is the important part of the memory, was that my dad, who was a pastor at the time and still is, had a home office where my tiny desk was put. Right next to his desk. When he would work on his sermons or other projects, there I would be. Colouring or drawing next to my dad. 💜

  • A Lost Treasure

    It’s been a couple of days since I last posted and now I am catching up on my writing for Bloganuary 2023. I knew I may not get to post something every single day but I do still want to try and share something for as many prompts as I can even if they aren’t entirely in order.

    When I first read the prompt “What is a treasure that’s been lost?” for day 4, I wasn’t too sure what I would say for it but these past couple of days have gave me some time to really think on it. To dig a bit deeper on what I truly see as a treasure that’s been lost. The treasure that I believe has been lost is a treasure we never really even had.


    As in WORLD WIDE PEACE. Sure there may have been countless discussions about it. There are groups and organizations in the world that is all about promoting it. People have prayed for it. I know that I have. It’s the answer that’s been given by so many over the years that it has become sort of a cliché to some people, as sad as that may be, but can you imagine it? World Peace.

    Peace among every human being of every culture, religion or belief system, walk and way of like. A world that wasn’t plagued by oppression, racism, prejudice, sexism, abuse, hatred, violence and greed. A world where people didn’t go out of their way to hurt someone whether it be physically, verbally or emotionally. A world where people didn’t seek out a way to take advantage of others or go out of their way to humiliate or offend others for their own amusement. A world where everyone felt safe. A world where people weren’t treated as inferior or less. Where our differences were celebrated. A world where we could all have conversations in a civilized and respectful manner, even when we may not agree, because we know that having compassion and understanding for each other was more important than being right. Where the notion of loving and caring for one another, wasn’t so unfamiliar to us. Can you imagine it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be the world that we live in? Our world?

    Unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s never been since the dawn of time and to be honest, I don’t think it ever will be. That’s an heartbreaking fact. That’s why it’s important for those of us who would like to live in a world where peace was known more, to keep trying to make our world a better place for everyone to live in and we can start doing this by simply treating each other with the compassion, respect and understanding that we would like to be treated with. Maybe then, this lost treasure called peace, can be found bit by bit deep down within us. 💜

  • What Brings You Joy In Life?

    When I think about what brings me joy in life, several things come to mind:

    1: My belief in the Almighty God and knowing he loves me unconditionally despite all my imperfections, that he cares for me and is with me at all times. That he is forever faithful and that I can put my hope in him.
    2: My loved ones whom God has blessed my life with: loving parents and two older brothers, my fiancé, my relatives who I am close with and my good friends who have actually become more like family. They have all made me feel loved as well as supported and they have been there for me so many times.
    3: Being creative also brings me joy. Seeing something I envision being brought to life either through illustration, 3D design and/or writing. On a day when I am not feeling the greatest mentally, creativity helps me feel better. It helps take my mind off things.
    4: Hearing positive stories of people being kind to and helping one another.
    5: Watching videos of animals, especially baby animals. I love cats, penguins and sloths.
    6: Taking a walk on a nice day, enjoying the scenery of God’s nature or visiting some place that’s close by the water.

    Videos I took at Cape Spear, Newfoundland in 2022.
    I love visiting here.
    I muted the video because the sound wasn’t great due to all the wind.

    Cookie the little penguin laughing. One of my most favourite videos! 🖤
  • Why Do You Write?

    Why do you write? That’s the Bloganuary prompt of the day and although my entry for it isn’t much, I wanted to provide some answer as to why I write.

    I don’t always write as much as I would like to but when I do, it allows me to get my thoughts out in the open and helps me bring my creativity to life. It’s also a good way to release what I am feeling even if I end up deleting it right after. I believe that it can be beneficial sometimes to just write for ourselves and that it can be good for our mental health.

  • If You Had A Billion US Dollars, How Would You Spend It?

    At the time of writing this post, $1,000,000,000 in US is approximately $1,340,570,000 here in Canada and it’s definitely a lot more money than I would ever need in my life. To be honest, I believe it’s a lot more money than anyone should ever need or have. I apologize but I personally don’t believe anyone should have a billion dollars when there are so many people in the world who are in need unless they are actually using it to make a difference in people’s lives.

    However, if I were to somehow win or earn (which I much rather do) a billion US dollars, this is how I would spend it:

    • I would give a large portion of it back to the Lord through tithes, donating to churches and/or missionary work.
    • I would donate a large portion of it to different charities for different causes both locally and globally. I would donate to fight against homelessness and poverty in my city.
    • My loved ones, which includes my immediate family as well as extended, would be taken care of. This would also go for friends. My parents would never have to work again and possibly my brothers (unless they wanted to). I would do my best to ensure my loved ones were never in need again.

    As for purchases for more of a personal use, there are few things I would probably spend it on:

    • First, a nice, cozy house of average size that would have a beautiful and spacious backyard with several trees, flowers and an area for a garden. There would be room enough for the family pets to safely run around and play. On the back deck, where there are warm lights stringed nicely around it, there would be a cozy sitting area surrounding an outdoor fire pit where my family and I can sit and enjoy each other’s company. Then there would be a pool which may or may not be sheltered depending on whether I still live in Newfoundland as it does get cold and tends to rain a nice bit.
    • The second thing I would probably buy and yes, this one is more of a luxury item, is a nice boat. A boat that you could live on if you wanted to. I am not talking about a mega yacht here, although I am not going to lie, they can be very nice and I wouldn’t mind to just even take a tour of one someday. However, the boat that I would buy wouldn’t be huge but it would be big enough that I could spend a few days or more out on the water with some family and friends. I love the water and I have often thought about what it would be like to live on a houseboat. To be able to sit out on the deck and feel the nice, cool breeze blowing in from off the water.
    • I would also try and travel a bit more. Maybe to a few destinations on my bucket list along with my family and friends. A group of us going on vacation and enjoying life together. 💜

    That’s how I would spend a billion US dollars if I had it. How would you spend it?

  • What Color Describes Your Personality & Why?

    For this prompt, I decided to take an online colour personality quiz and my result was GREEN! Below is the colour’s attributes and description from the quiz:

    Attributes: Balanced and Practical.

    Green is the color of renewal and growth, making it ideal for those looking to embrace their natural personality. According to test results, those who tend towards the color green are resourceful, creative, and driven individuals who are always looking for new challenges.

    Whether crafting a new business plan or brainstorming innovative solutions to a problem, green color peoples have no shortage of ideas and energy. Additionally, green color personalities respond well to different types of feedback and criticism, using even negative comments as opportunities for growth. With their unique combination of creativity and resilience, those with a green color personality genuinely stand out in any group setting.

    If interested, I took the quiz here. Please note, there are ads on the site for the quiz.

  • What Chore Do You Find The Most Challenging To Do?

    The chore that has been the most challenging to me is sweeping which is unfortunate because as much as I do love having a clean home, I especially love having clean floors. It sounds like such a simple thing to do to sweep the dirt on the floor into one pile, then sweep it into a dust pan and dump it in the garbage. I mean, it does sound simple. However, it is the one chore I suck at.

    It is somewhat frustrating when I go to sweep the dirt into the dust pan but has to struggle with getting it all in. Or when I go to dump it into the garbage but some of it decides to jump ship and fly back out of the pan, onto the floor. Why is it such a struggle for me? I truly don’t know. What I do know, is it is beyond disappointing when I spend time sweeping the floor and I think I have gotten everything but then when I go to mop it, there is a trail of dirt or hair somehow. Mostly, it’s the latter as I have long, thick hair and unfortunately I tend to shed. There is no point in denying it. Thankfully though, I no longer have to sweep my floors.

    My brother had purchased a cordless vacuum by Shark for my parents last Christmas which works on both carpet and hardwood floors. It’s excellent for picking up all kinds of dirt, hair and it’s ideal for those with pets. It also features a detachable handheld vacuum that can be used to clean your couches, shelves or car.

    The first time I tried it at my parents’ home, I knew I had to have one. It made cleaning the floors so much easier and time efficient. It’s really light to carry around and very easy to maneuver. You can easily use it to suck up food and dirt under furniture, in tight spaces as well as the toe space underneath your kitchen cabinets. I find the floors looks so nice after using it before I even mop. Who knew cleaning the floors could be so much fun.

  • How Do You Define Success?

    I believe we all may have a different definition of success. Some may define it as working at their dream career or being the CEO of a major business. Some may define it as having a big home, driving an expensive car and/or being married with children. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these things or working towards them, this isn’t what being successful is to me.

    To me, success is being at a stage in life where we are happy and content with what we have and with what we are doing, even if we are currently working towards such things. It’s been proven many times that a person can have everything I mentioned above and yet not be happy or content while others who have very little has so much joy in their lives because of their outlook on life.

  • The Anchor Holds

    Today’s prompt for Bloganuary 2023 is “What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?” and it’s one of the easiest prompts for me to answer: “The Anchor Holds”. Ray Boltz has been one of my favourite gospel artists for as long as I can remember and “The Anchor Holds” is my favourite song. It’s been the theme to my life.

    I have experienced being torn and broken many times. I have felt lost when I faced struggles and hardships especially when my faith was shaken. The line “through the long, dark night” certainly sums up how I felt during that time perfectly. Even though there was a moment or two when I thought about walking away from my faith and God all together, I found myself crying out to him, asking him to please not give up on me and I can truly say, I believe he answered that prayer. Jesus is my anchor and my anchor forever holds.

    Official Video for “The Anchor Holds”
  • What Language Do You Wish You Could Speak?

    One thing I regret not doing early on in life is learning to speak another language fluently. I did take some French in school but after I graduated, I didn’t stick with it. In the past couple of years however, I have been interested in learning it again (and much more than I did in school) and I have been using Duolingo to do so.

    I personally enjoy using the app and I find it makes learning a new language interesting and fun. It even offers the ability to learn Klingon for Star Trek fans. A few other languages I would possibly like to learn are Italian, Swedish and Japanese.

    I personally enjoy using the app and I find it makes learning a new language interesting and fun. It even offers the ability to learn Klingon for Star Trek fans. A few other languages I would possibly like to learn are Italian, Swedish and Japanese.

  • Bloganuary 2023 Conclusion

    My first year participating in Bloganuary 2023 has ended. I didn’t post a response for every prompt but I knew that I probably wouldn’t from the beginning. Nevertheless, I did enjoy taking part in it and it helped me to make some progress on this new little blog of mine.

    It was also really neat to see such a large community of writers coming together to share their stories, thoughts and views on different things. I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time reading the responses of others but I know that they are still there and I do plan on going back to view more of them. I do hope that everyone who took part in Bloganuary 2023 enjoyed it and came out of it feeling inspired.