If You Had A Billion US Dollars, How Would You Spend It?

At the time of writing this post, $1,000,000,000 in US is approximately $1,340,570,000 here in Canada and it’s definitely a lot more money than I would ever need in my life. To be honest, I believe it’s a lot more money than anyone should ever need or have. I apologize but I personally don’t believe anyone should have a billion dollars when there are so many people in the world who are in need unless they are actually using it to make a difference in people’s lives.

However, if I were to somehow win or earn (which I much rather do) a billion US dollars, this is how I would spend it:

  • I would give a large portion of it back to the Lord through tithes, donating to churches and/or missionary work.
  • I would donate a large portion of it to different charities for different causes both locally and globally. I would donate to fight against homelessness and poverty in my city.
  • My loved ones, which includes my immediate family as well as extended, would be taken care of. This would also go for friends. My parents would never have to work again and possibly my brothers (unless they wanted to). I would do my best to ensure my loved ones were never in need again.

As for purchases for more of a personal use, there are few things I would probably spend it on:

  • First, a nice, cozy house of average size that would have a beautiful and spacious backyard with several trees, flowers and an area for a garden. There would be room enough for the family pets to safely run around and play. On the back deck, where there are warm lights stringed nicely around it, there would be a cozy sitting area surrounding an outdoor fire pit where my family and I can sit and enjoy each other’s company. Then there would be a pool which may or may not be sheltered depending on whether I still live in Newfoundland as it does get cold and tends to rain a nice bit.
  • The second thing I would probably buy and yes, this one is more of a luxury item, is a nice boat. A boat that you could live on if you wanted to. I am not talking about a mega yacht here, although I am not going to lie, they can be very nice and I wouldn’t mind to just even take a tour of one someday. However, the boat that I would buy wouldn’t be huge but it would be big enough that I could spend a few days or more out on the water with some family and friends. I love the water and I have often thought about what it would be like to live on a houseboat. To be able to sit out on the deck and feel the nice, cool breeze blowing in from off the water.
  • I would also try and travel a bit more. Maybe to a few destinations on my bucket list along with my family and friends. A group of us going on vacation and enjoying life together. 💜

That’s how I would spend a billion US dollars if I had it. How would you spend it?

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