What Chore Do You Find The Most Challenging To Do?

The chore that has been the most challenging to me is sweeping which is unfortunate because as much as I do love having a clean home, I especially love having clean floors. It sounds like such a simple thing to do to sweep the dirt on the floor into one pile, then sweep it into a dust pan and dump it in the garbage. I mean, it does sound simple. However, it is the one chore I suck at.

It is somewhat frustrating when I go to sweep the dirt into the dust pan but has to struggle with getting it all in. Or when I go to dump it into the garbage but some of it decides to jump ship and fly back out of the pan, onto the floor. Why is it such a struggle for me? I truly don’t know. What I do know, is it is beyond disappointing when I spend time sweeping the floor and I think I have gotten everything but then when I go to mop it, there is a trail of dirt or hair somehow. Mostly, it’s the latter as I have long, thick hair and unfortunately I tend to shed. There is no point in denying it. Thankfully though, I no longer have to sweep my floors.

My brother had purchased a cordless vacuum by Shark for my parents last Christmas which works on both carpet and hardwood floors. It’s excellent for picking up all kinds of dirt, hair and it’s ideal for those with pets. It also features a detachable handheld vacuum that can be used to clean your couches, shelves or car.

The first time I tried it at my parents’ home, I knew I had to have one. It made cleaning the floors so much easier and time efficient. It’s really light to carry around and very easy to maneuver. You can easily use it to suck up food and dirt under furniture, in tight spaces as well as the toe space underneath your kitchen cabinets. I find the floors looks so nice after using it before I even mop. Who knew cleaning the floors could be so much fun.

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