Dear Boots

Back in 2016, I took part in a writing challenge on the app, Lettrs and one of the prompts was “Shoe Lover” so I wrote a silly little piece about the best pair of boots I have ever owned. The Faux Leather Moto Boots from Urban Planet.

Dear Boots,

I have never really been a part of the “shoe lover” club. I mean, shoes have just never been the thing I get all crazy about. I have never owned more than two or three pairs at a time. I have never been the type to go shoe shopping unless I truly needed to go shoe shopping. I have never passed by a window, stopped dead in my tracks and squealed in excitement “Oh my gosh! Look at those pumps. I must have them! They would look terrific with that dress I have been dying to wear” or “Those boots would go great with my Gucci bag!”. While I do give kudos to those who can recognize and appreciate a great, reliable shoe when they see one, I have never been one of those people. I have just never loved a pair of items that go on my feet so much that when I said “goodbye” to them, it was like I was saying “goodbye” to a part of me.

That was before I bought you. About eight months ago, I saw you sitting on a shelf and it was like love at first sight. Black faux leather, with ridges going up the front as well as the back and two straps that buckle for show. Other people may not think that you are anything really special, but you are my favourite pair of boots that I have ever owned. It might sound silly to say this, but when I walk in you, you actually give me the confidence that I lack on a normal basis. You give me that ‘extra step’ in my step. I guess we all have that one item or so that makes us feel good and confident. I didn’t pay a whole lot for you, but you looked and felt as though I did. People even complimented you.

Now dear boots, you are starting to get worn down. Your colour is fading and your shape is starting to dull. You have started to come apart in certain areas and when it rains, water sometimes seeps through. That may be my fault though due to the fact that you were meant to be worn during the spring or fall months and I wore you through the winter months as well.

What can I say? You’re my favourite. You’ve certainly been a trooper. I took you to get a little fixer upper and while the gentleman did a good job, I guess I was expecting you to be like brand new again, or at least close to it. I even went back to the same store where I purchased you because I was going to buy another pair just like you but I found out that they no longer sell your kind. Cue the violins. I will still wear you though until I can no longer wear you. I will keep cleaning you and super gluing the areas that are coming apart. No matter how many times someone says “Why don’t you just buy a new pair of boots?”, I will not give in until you have finally come to your demise. Until you have taken your very last step.

Your faithful owner. 🖤

The Boots 😍

Posted as part of WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Tell us about your favourite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

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